Selasa, 05 Mei 2015

For A Kind Person Who Wake Me Up

I am so sorry if this post is very 'absurd' and 'lebay'..

But, I have to write it because i feel lost of one of mine. He is very kind person that i ever had. Few months ago, we met and try to make our dreams come true. He tried to move to the island that i dreamt it too. He gave me a job to build a website to sell his products.
His last post in one social media,mention me to dare me about winning our dreams. He sent me message too that he will get married this Lebaran. But, i just aware that he is gone now. His social media was erased. His phone number couldnt be contacted. Oh, my kind person... where are you know? I hope your dreams come true, so do mine....
I am in process now, although like turtle that want to win the battle with rabbit. But, slow for sure,I just run in His way, I just follow His path..

I dont know, this morning,i wake up at three am, because i dreamt, you sent me an sms that you remembering me about my dreams.. Oh, i wake up, took a wudhu, pray till 5, and checked out my phone.. But, i realized that was a dream. It looked like reality, wasnt?
Hmmm, I just miss you.. Miss your spirit and support. You are my best brother that i ever had.. Please, give me your text, Oo... My Kind Person ...

Who totally lost you,
Your sister

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