A Lot of Personality Theories

Let me learn more about english.. And let me learn more about personality. When we talk about personality, we just say that the personality is cant be studied as well as researchers do. We can just talk it in the scientific forum or in universities, but in fact it will be different. Except if we put the real life into the scientific then. 
One of the lesson that i have learned is, personality is made from the earlier childhood. In facts, so many content that created the personality. Not only from the parenthood, but also what we called as "root" of the life. Jung called it "Archetype". 
Now, i just want to share about the Archetype. In West world, specially in Greece, they called it "Zodiac". In Javanese, we called it "Primbon". And one of the man in this world who can answer the missing link between the "root" called "archetype" and the scientific one is Mr. Farid Poniman. He found that all of the people just divided into nine personalities. He called the theoris "STIFIn Personality Theory". 
A Theory can be called as scientific one, if the research has been done as twenty years. Now, the time to proof the theory. Hope,  Mr. FaPo can launch the journal based on the research. 
I am proud to be a part of this development. It will be my pleasure if i can handle the journal soon. :)))))))

Great day :)


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