Senin, 03 November 2014

Be a Good Friend with Stress

Do you ever been got stress? How was exactly it feels? Hurt, tears, no harmony?
Hmm, every human body that still in 'good condition' they had to be stressed. Even by the problems that they try to face everyday. If they can solve them, they can be move on. If cant , so they will dp some actions that people think its crazy. Hmm, i dont tell that i do not have stress. Surely, i have it too..
If i got the stress, usually i will do something that makes my energy can blow out, such cleaning the house or go walk away.. my way may be can be adjusted in my stress, but you can try it. Just try every ways to deal with your stress. Learn every single step that you do. At the end, you will find which way that works.

Happier ever after

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