Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

Poem for My Beibi Boys
it just a song that i will sing all day for you..
shalawat nabii..

Allaahummaa shalli wa sallim 'alaa sayyidinaa muhammad, wa 'alaa aalihii wa aaliihi wa sallim tasliimaan..

not, twinkle twinkle.. either another children songs.

Beibs, you're my wonderful things that brought to me.. I just cant imagine if there no your voice in each day. Seeing your smile and laugh makes me feel happy, more and more.. in my road to the work, my mind always fly over to your happiness..

Beibs, may Allah always makes me strong to make you all be stronger, more toughful...

Always pray for your best performance in this world my boys.. lovely beiby boys... :*

From your IBU,

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