Kamis, 04 April 2013

War is just go on...
Its Friday and i love it very much... Why? because Friday is the Holy day for each moslem.. And about the war, we heard that the gunmen of Cebongan have been found, and they are the part of Kopassus infantery. Yeah, the war is just go on, between the TNI and the POLRI. But, if we look the problem, it begun in a big cafe in Jogja.. hmm, i see, they did some pleasure time.. i mean that the cafe is a place to get joyful with some music, discotic exactly. Only personnel problems, make it bigger and bring the institusion. Work in military institusional not make people become wise, but they use the capacity for showing the rule. Which makes me wonder is, why the police is so fast to find the gunmen and the executant of robbery in Jogja, but it needs more time to find the corruptor in this country.. hmmm.....

Congratulation, and the winner is.............

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