Senin, 15 April 2013

Dilaog of BangsaMoro, just imho

On Friday till Saturday 5-6th 2013, in Muhammadiyah Surakarta University was held the Multistakeholder dialog of BangsaMoro. I joined it upexpectedly, because of the command from my dean. In the firstday, there are two speakers, i missed the keynote speech from the Ambassador for Philipines, and from Mr. Din Syamsudin, because in so many things to do at the morning. The First Speaker is Mr. Hery Sudrajat. He talked about ASEAN statetement for the security need management conflict resolution, it’s the initiative for the conflict resolution. The term of culture of peace.The need is conflict prevention, and crisis management. He and AIPR (ASEAN Institute for Peace and Reconsilitation has many progress till the 11 KTT ASEAN. The AIPR will be in Jakarta for the headquarter, the activities are  research, capacity building, networking and dissemination. Hope will be contribute to the peace condition in ASEAN, work together with Muhammadiyah or other organization. My hope is the institution not just only talk, but there is something to do at the reality... :D
The Second speaker is Rifqi Muna, a LIPI's researcher, he found that ,in the regional level, the impact of the southern Philipines conflict was make the world more be openned with the Islamic Liberation. He more optimist with the development of ASEAN Community, Officially in 21 december 2015, can make an community for the ASEAN make the greater community. Three level of the development: politic, economy and social. ASEAN political security, asean has many achievement in the political security. ASEAN is some powerful region, but if the stability is unstabil. Trust is the most commodity for each member in ASEAN. Honestly, i like the term that he talked about, the conflict entrepreneur = for the benefit of some people. Yes, some conflicts are created by people who have business beside them. They produce the gun, missil, rudal, poison, and also the medicine to support for the conflicts. I believe, the conflict will never meet the peaceful condition if the rules of the world still command by United States as the police world. 
And the second day, the dialogue has continued, and i missed the first session, but, i could concluse that the peacemaker of BangsaMoro should have learning from Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, and Jusuf Kalla. Jusuf Kalla has personality as a peacemaker. Make some Workshop with him, just like we know that JK can solve so many conflicts in Indonesia :D

Its just my imho, BangsaMoro is my brother in Islam, I know that they want to have independence for their life, especially in do the religion. But, what we have to do is, just not only doing dialogue, send our best negosiator, send our best sniper may be, and send our expert of war if the truth is, they have no guilty to be extinct...... 

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