The Nature of Kids

Its about my experience with my children... a day with them, please joy it with your fully taste of coffee or chocolate...

Yesterday, me and Azzam-Azmi (my twin) went to Goro Assalam to join the family fun world.. i give them choice to play whatever they want... After chose the big balloon, i bought the ticket for twenty thousand rupiahs, unfortunately, they just sat down in the front of the door of the balloon.. Oh, Allah, my boys still held in there only for an hour... ya Allah.. after that, i took them to Rominsy got for swimming.. without in order, they released their clothes and went to the pool.. What kind of excitement.. !! 
Every child has their own way to express what actually they like or dislike.. and my boys just showed that they like go to the water than to the balloon.. And the nature of my kids is back to the nature... How about Us??

Loving u always...


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