Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

The Most Valuable Job
For this time, i want to write something about JOB or career or whatever lah.., and now, i'm lerning about writing in English.. Want to complain about the grammar?? Later, after i finish it!! Hoho..

Job.. is about what we do every day, it has a strict time and also salary. So, what is the most valuable job in your version??







Jobless????   <=== this one is the predicate of my friend, you can find him in

or, the most wanted jon in children mind... DOCTOR?

Good job  maybe has good salary too.. or more maybe.. the good job will bring who does that job can get their need of life, the way to pursuit happiness..
But, after a past year, i realize that the great job in the world is being parent.. Yeah.. P A R E N T.. whatever you are a father or a mother...

How come being a parent is a great n the most valuable job in my version..?? the answer is, so many people do their job outside home.. -home vs house-  but many times their reason is for the family especially for the children.. meanwhile, to do their job at home, they pay other people as nanny to caregive their children or maybe servant or their parent to do their activities as parent at home.. once more.. home..

Hayyooo.. just guest, we do our job outside home, and we have tired when we arrive at home.. and then, what next we do?? take a rest.. not doing household job or even play with our children.. at the holiday, we have time for sleeping too... huffttt.... kasian bener tuh anak-anak, larinya if they do not get their parents attention, they will attract the attention from uotside HOME... how pity.. hopefully, i always try to give all my attention to my children.. Azzam n Azmi..

Harusnya tuh gaji ibu rumah tangga adalah yang paling besar tingkatannya, bayangin aja if pembantu rumah tangga just pay for 300-700 thousand hundred rupiahs... sementara itu, kita yang merasa bisa ngebayar itu sudah merasa aman.. padahal kerja as father, mother or doing household is the most valuable job in the world.. logikanya, "kerja rumah tangga aja gak mau ngerjain, harusnya bayaran untuk pekerja rumah tangga itu yang paling gedhe tuh..."

So, respect people who work in our home, they are the hero... proudly with my mom, with my dad.. and i'll try to be a good worker in my HOME....

Love you all my family...

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